Hello! this is Swara and welcome to journey treasure :) so i love writing, which is why i decided to open this blog! since 5th grade, when i attended a life changing camp, i have been writing poems and stories. as on this blog, i will upload poems and other things, and now that the content on my blog and my youtube channel is connected, i thought that i could start a series on youtube called "a poetic pause" where i will recite my poems and talk about them! these videos will be short and sweet! on this page, i will upload the videos about "a poetic pause". you can even check these videos out on my channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3RVyIWAyetJitIIcC81VcA

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A POETIC PAUSE | episode 1: i am just so thankful

this is the first episode of "a poetic pause" and i just wanted to say thank you!

saying thank you throughout the day, is one of the best things i do for myself. i wanted to thank this universe and the gods, the nature, the people in my life, just say thanks to everything. i also wanted to make a promise to myself! hope this video will help you!

https://www.journeytreasure.com/post/thank-you-just-thank-you: thank you post

A POETIC PAUSE | episode 2: i wish you a HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

well, its mothers day! i always feel like it is important to appreciate our parents and let them know that they are a crucial part of our lives. and if we think about it, we start our journey because of our mothers right? so lets just spread some love and do something for them

https://www.journeytreasure.com/post/i-wish-you-a-mother-s-day: mothers day post

A POETIC PAUSE | episode 3: the sun

this is a poem about the sun. the way he peeks through the clouds and shines brightly and makes people's day better. the sun's warmth and the shadows! 

youtube video:


A POETIC PAUSE | episode 4: a selfish little 

this is a poem written for the times when we feel sad and feel like someone has let us down. the girl in this poem has been hurt by someone who is important to her, whom she knew won't let her down. 



youtube video: