hello! i am Swara , i am 13, currently in 9th grade. writing is my hobby, it helps me express myself and it helps me analyze and understand different situations! besides writing, i love to dance and act! i have performed in many plays and even appeared in a serial "tili mili"

anyways, due to my interest in writing, i have decided to open this blog!


our life is a journey, with a destination! we are traveling through this awesome bus and there are trees all around! birds and sun and moon and stars surround us. the road can be a bit rough but that doesn't mean the bus is unsteady. let's not wait for the destination to arrive, let's treasure this journey of our life. 


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so well, in conclusion, journey treasure is a place to appreciate your life, your journey, learn different things and improve ourselves! i hope you are excited! i know i am, so thank you for joining me today