3 apps for productivity

so here are my recommendations for apps for productivity:

  1. engross: this app has 4 main features:

*timer: you can either set a timer or a stopwatch

you can set break time and session and time

and if you want to revise before or after

you can see how many times you were distracted

*statistics: the amount of time you have worked or studied can be looked at in statistics

*calendar: you can time block your day

*task: a simple to-do function where you can

|track progress

| add subtasks

|set reminders

and so much more

forest: a timer app, i will be surprised if you have never used this app. it is a pomodoro timer, check how much time you have worked for and once you complete a timer, a new tree is planted in your forest and when you don't complete a timer, your tree dies. so you can see how much you have worked and how much you were productive.

notion: MY FAVORITE APP RN! this app has so many templates, you can create as many pages and sub-pages as you want! you can literally do whatever you want with this app! it cant be explained so you can maybe watch videos on youtube about notion! also i will upload a notion tour so stay tuned!

check out my video for better explanation: https://youtu.be/tEYxmthhQ8M