a letter from god

i once saw a letter

kept on a table for me

i opened it to see who it was from

but it was written anonymously

i started reading it, all puzzled

not knowing who it was from or what it was about

but i still kept reading it, i had to

the curiosity in me made me

it was a letter from god!

why did he send it to me?

did i do something wrong?

or was it something i did right?

i read it top to bottom

there was something queer about this letter

it was written in the future

but what was it doing in the present?

i thought it would be about gifts i would receive

or about where the Christmas gifts were hidden

but the letter was about something

far more serious!

he started requesting and pleading me

to take this letter as seriously as i can take

he asked me to look after this earth

he took so long to create

all the beautiful trees, mountains and lakes

the birds chirping all around

flowers blooming and butterflies flying

and enjoying like no one was around

he asked me to look outside the window

get rid of all my thoughts for a while

just look at the beauty all around me

and ask myself, :am i doing everything right?"

-swara b