a selfish little girl

sometimes I feel

like stopping and apologizing cause

I am just a human, I can't be perfect

I try my best

whenever I am happy, you just pull me down

call me selfish and turn around

I am just a teen, what do you expect me to do?

be your perfect little queen?

when I dress up, I am girly

when I dont, I need to be!

when she is moody, no one cares

but when I am moody, everyone's world seems to change

you got so much to say,

well I got too

I just keep it in

cause I care about you

you compare me to her?

the one you called an idiot yesterday?

well that doesn't hurt me, cause my heart is already in grave

it's easy to talk when there is a lot on your mind,

but taking it put on me is not very kind!

you hug me and are sweet to me

but sometimes you can really be

the one who made me cry

and who made my throat feel dry.

please i am sorry

for not being myself sometimes

but does anyone even know me?

or is it a fake image you created in your mind?

fake things are perfect

cause well, they are an imagination

but I am real, I know for sure

the problem is,

I live in an imaginative world

I hope everyone will like me

and that people change

I try to be brave and wish

what they said will fade away

but your words made a crack in my heart

word is a weapon, a sword or a poisonous dart

so you just hit me, right here!

oh I am sorry,

I forgot you can't see,

but I don't care

cause after all,

I am a selfish little girl

I beg you,

pls don't hurt me anymore

-swara b